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Process in Artistic Research
Stream - Whirpool - Process
by Annette Arlander, Markus Kuikka
As a musician, my experience of artistic process has had several phases. On one hand, as an orchestra musician I've experienced strong emotionally charged concerts, where every performer lives the performance intensely, and on the other hand, different conductors specialized on period music gave new ideas for illuminating orchestral scores. Both awoke in me the need to search for new ways of working to realize my musicianship. Read more »


Riikka Stewen


The non-finito, the unfinished, is a notion that began to grow in importance at the very end of the 19th century in the visual arts: Hans Belting has claimed that... Read more 


Art of Research conference 2020: Authorship and Responsibility
11th SAR International Conference on Artistic Research
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