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Sonic Art, Sonic Practice, and Sonic Thought: Artistic Research and Music Today
Sound and Music: Interwoven Terrains for Artistic Research
Mieko Kanno, Otso Lähdeoja, Kristiina Ilmonen, Päivi Järviö, Markus Kuikka
Sound is omnipresent, and we live, think, feel, and experience in and through sound every day. Sound studies have developed mainly in the disciplines of acoustics and music. The former defines sound as mechanical waves while the latter considers it as discrete sounds organised in time. Artistic Research offers us opportunities to study sound from a different perspective. How do we live, think, feel, and experience in and through sound as artistic practitioners? What constitutes such knowledge production, and how does this search for knowledge relate to the other modes of knowledge and experience often associated with ‘music'? Read more »

Post-immersion: Towards a discursive situation in sound art
Sonic Empowerment: Reframing ´atmosphere´ through Sonic Urban Design
...CHE SONANDO APPARISCONO – desire for sounding meanings through a musician´s practice
Sculptural sounds: a co-compositional approach
Lempeä nostattamassa – kansanmuusikko improvisoivana säveltäjänä
Sonic Conversations for Double Bass, Berimbau and Sámi Joik: Shaping Identity in the Third Space

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