NR 12
Peripheries in artistic research
Mari Mäkiranta, Eija Timonen, Maiju Loukola
RUUKKU #12 considers the conceptual, methodical, concrete and practical peripheries in the arts. This thematic issue ponders questions concerning what kinds of roles margins, peripheries or fringes have in the arts and artistic research? Can artistic research itself be conceived as a peripheral zone on the edge of the rationalistic scientific world? In the context of artistic research and the periphery theme it is interesting to ruminate upon what consequences can be expected when established ontological and epistemic questions are challenged. Also central to the thematic issue is how can periphery or peripherality be understood in artistic research in the field of the discursive-material, sensable and experiential. Read more »



Maiju Loukola, Mari Mäkiranta

Floating Peripheries conference. Read more »

Seppo Kuivakari

Affective Labour of Stimulus Progression. Read more »


RUUKKU call: Re-imagining