NR 5
Research Gestures
Weighing one’s gestures
Mika Elo and Harri Laakso
The Werner Herzog film entitled "Where the Green Ants Dream" (1984)i tells the story of a conflict between a mining company and the aboriginals. The fictional events take place somewhere in a desert in Australia. The company makes tests and preparations in order to start mining activities in an area that for the aboriginals is a holy land. Read more »


Rolf Hughes

It emerged from the building – whether from a hole between wall and floor, or from the latency of the wood itself can be known only to those who know how to measure such distinctions. For those standing aft, it seemed to retreat... Read more »

Ray Langenbach

Like the film of a mysterious pod depositing its seed in the oral cavity of a space-ship engineer, and its fully formed fetus later bursting forth... Read more »

Tere Vadén

After Thomas Kuhn famously shattered the picture of a unified and cumulative progress of science by pointing out, even in the strictest of natural sciences, the existence of non-cumulative revolutions, the term "scholarly" has gotten many new faces. So how do we show that we are good researchers? Read more »

Tero Nauha

Speculation on Artistic Research and Performance in The Context of Immanent Capitalism (Lectio Praecursoria) Read more »


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