NR 11
How to do things with performance
How do we do things with performance?
by Annette Arlander, Hanna Järvinen, Tero Nauha, Pilvi Porkola
Welcome to this 11th issue of Ruukku - studies in artistic research devoted to performance and performance as research, and the question how to do things with performance. Not only what should be done, but how it should be done is today a question as relevant as ever. And some argue we should actually do less, and think a bit more, for example how we do what we do. In the research project How to do things with performance, we have been asking what can be or could be done with performance and how. Read more »


Simon O'Sullivan

The Strategic Mobilisation of Incompetence. There are two fields, broadly speaking, in which I work – or to which I contribute – both of which involve different logics, protocols and, indeed, competences. It is partly through working with two distinct practices that I able to bring the competences of one to bear on the other. On the one hand... Read more »

Lisa Erdman

Performing false hope: Ethical outcomes of fictitious pharmaceutical advertising as a public art intervention. (Doctoral thesis) Read more »

Performance Philosophy Conference postponed to 2022
CARPA 7: Elastic Writing in Artistic Research
ESA-Arts 11th midterm conference (Online) - THE SOCIAL EFFECTS OF ART 9-12 March 2021