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Research Pavilion

Venice, 7 May – 28 June 2015

University of the Arts Helsinki organises a Research Pavilion at the 56th Venice Biennale. The first pavilion in the history of the biennale to be dedicated to research will consist of an international contemporary art exhibition and a platform for events, both featuring artistic research. The dynamic between artistic research and contemporary art will be explored through the theme of experimentality.

While the exhibition showcases contemporary art, the research events will ask: How does experimentality manifest itself in contemporary art? Has the discourse on artistic research and its methodologies redefined our ideas of experiments and experimentality? Does artistic research facilitate the emergence of new ways to discover connections between science, aesthetics and politics?

The exhibition in the Research Pavilion features artists from Finland and elsewhere in Europe. The artists are Tiong Ang, Magnus Bärtås, Dirk Hoyer, Henna-Riikka Halonen, Simo Kellokumpu, Matts Leiderstam, Antti Nykyri, Maija Närhinen, Tuula Närhinen, Janis Rafailidou, Heli Rekula and Hito Steyerl.

Parallel to the exhibition, the pavilion will host events throughout the exhibition period: lab projects, discussions, screenings, interventions, seminars and performative situations.

The commissioner of the Research Pavilion is Professor Anita Seppä, PhD, and it is curated by artist Jan Kaila, DFA, and Professor Henk Slager, PhD. The project is coordinated by Academy of Fine Arts at the University of Arts Helsinki.

Sala del Camino, Campo S. Cosmo (vaporetto stop Palanca)
Giudecca, 621 Venice

7 May – 28 June 2015
Open daily 12.00–17.00
Opening party 6 May 2015 from 18.00–20.00

In cooperation with:

EARN (European Artistic Research Network), Valand Academy (University of Gothenburg), MaHKU Utrecht Graduate School of Visual Art and Design, Journal for Artistic Research (JAR) and Frame Visual Art Finland.