NR 6
Change and Artistic Research
The Promise of Change
by Mari Mäkiranta and Eija Timonen
In 2013 we had the pleasure of viewing Ukrainian News, an exhibition at the Warsaw Museum of Modern Art. The artists who put together the exhibition comprised a range of activist groups as well as individual artists. What brought them together was not only an interest in experimental techniques but also an urge to comment on the structures and living conditions found in post-socialist society. Read more »


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The 8th International Conference on Artistic Research in Helsinki will be held on April, 2017 at the Theatre Academy in Helsinki....
The Doctoral Programme at the Academy of Fine Arts (KuvA) at the University of the Arts Helsinki arranges for the second time a public event called Research Days. During three days the public...
The four-year Academy of Finland funded research project "How to do things with performance?" will organise its kick off seminar on 4th of October 2016 at University of the Arts Helsinki Theatre Academy.