The Strategic Mobilisation of Incompetence

There are two fields, broadly speaking, in which I work – or to which I con
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Performing false hope: Ethical outcomes of fictitious pharmaceutical advertising as a public art intervention

Dissertation in the field of Art Education: "Performing false hope: Ethical
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Performatiiviset Jäljet. Teos ja Tallenne Esityslähtöisessä Mediataiteessa

Riikka Niemelän väitöstutkimuksen Performatiiviset jäljet. Teos ja tallenne
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Doctoral education and postdoctoral research in the arts

The artistic research practices within art universities is at the moment informed by two parallel dynamic processes whose mutual connection has neither been fully understood nor articulated. As I see it, the recognition of this link, and taking benefit of it, is crucial for the development of the field in the future.    The first of these trends concerns doctoral education....
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How to do things with performance in relation to what is given?

In this text we - Annette Arlander, Hanna Järvinen, Tero Nauha and Pilvi Porkola - describe briefly our workshop “What is given?” during the 8th SAR conference in Helsinki in April 2017. The workshop was organised with the aim to share something of the work undertaken within the Academy of Finland funded four-year research project group How to do things with performance?    ...
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