RUUKKU Call: Artist Pedagogy

Deadline for Contributions: 30th of November 2024

We invite artist-pedagogue-researchers to explore and share their pedagogical experiences, philosophies, and practices. We are interested in artistic thinking as a base for teaching and how teacher's own artistic practice affects their teaching. Artistic thinking is often embodied, sensory, situated, and symbolic, based on experiences and pre-linguistic thinking. It assembles different kinds of connections and approaches and moves in between the conscious and the unconscious. Artistic thinking and practice are positional and also political; co-social values and an orientation towards the future are part of contemporary artist pedagogy. 

How does an artist teach and research? How does artistic thinking work as a starting point for pedagogy, and how is it realised in practice? How does making art feed teaching, and correspondingly, how does pedagogical philosophy serve as inspiration for teaching practices? How is artist pedagogy related to social and ecological issues?
Instead of conventional academic articles, we encourage people to create expositions that consist of auditory and/or visual material or experimental writing and use the possibilities offered by the Research Catalogue platform creatively.
Expositions in this issue may address (but are not limited to) the following topics:
    • Artist pedagogical explorations and practices in different fields of art such as performing arts, fine arts, music, or (creative) writing
    • Approaches of critical and feminist pedagogy in teaching art
    • Intersections of environmental and artist pedagogy
    • Artistic thinking in developing pedagogical methods
    • Collective forms of artist pedagogy
The issue's editors are Pilvi Porkola, Aino-Kaisa Koistinen and Luis Guerra.
We ask you to create your research exposition proposals in the Research Catalogue (RC) publishing platform at Note! The use of RC requires a full user account (see ‘register' and choose ‘full account'). In addition to the theme and its discussion, the exposition must include the planned structure in the RC platform. Please submit your proposals (complete expositions) via RC (‘submit for review' and choose the portal ‘RUUKKU') by the 30th of November 2024.
You can discuss draft submissions with the editors until the 30th of September. In this case, you must share the exposition with the editors using RC's link-share function. From the exposition menu, choose ‘share', and select the last option (‘When enabled…'). Note that the actual share settings are not modified, and the exposition remains private. With the share link, you can present your exposition to others and continue working on it. Confirm the selection and send the link via e-mail to the address below.
For additional information about the issue, and to discuss draft submissions, please contact
If you have questions about the technical implementation when creating your exposition, please contact Priska Falin at
Detailed instructions for submitting expositions and drafts are at
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