RUUKKU 8 call: Conditions of Sharing

Research activities are always structured with regard to some kind of specificity. A group of researchers might come together to work on a distinct object of study, through a specific question, with a certain methodology, and in a particular context. Depending on circumstances, specificity thus can appear as a socio-cultural parameter, a disciplinary variable or it can become a question of the medium of research. 

This special issue of RUUKKU explores new perspectives on conditions of sharing research in the artistic field. How can specific interests, methods, discourses, positions and ways of knowing be more widely disseminated and made useful within and beyond artistic research? The traditional frameworks for sharing research have been built on ideas about the research object, method, context or medium. We ask if the conditions of sharing research can be thematised in other terms? What if these conditions relate to provocation, excess, limited resources, reduction, mise en abyme, absurd argumentation, populism, conspiracy, amateurism and the like? How do these or other invented specificities inform your take on artistic research? How can these issues be shared?

The RUUKKU special issue Conditions of Sharing supplements the Please Specify! conference organized by Uniarts Helsinki together with the Society for Artistic Research by offering a peer-reviewed publication platform related to the conference theme.
We invite artist-researchers – all participants of the SAR conference as well as others interested in the issues addressed in the call – to submit theme-related research expositions and contributions for the eighth issue of RUUKKU. The issue is edited by Mika Elo, Tero Heikkinen and Leena Rouhiainen.
We ask you to write your proposals for research expositions in the RC catalogue at Note! The catalogue requires user rights and registration (see ‘register'). Please submit your proposals via the Research Catalogue (‘submit to publication', ‘submit unlimited publication to', and ‘ruukku') no later than 21th May 2017.
For any queries and assistance about preparing the submission for RUUKKU in the Research Catalogue, please contact:
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