Hörst du das Neue, Herr, dröhnen und beben?   (Master do you hear the New, droning and throbbing?)   Rilke, The Sonnets to Orpheus   To leave one’s mark on the pages of history: yes, I did it, you did something, they’re doing this and that; a special kind of presence that does not merely settle with what is being given, but might even change...
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On SAR 10’s Productive Gaps, Enhanced Dissemination Formats & Inspiring Failures

As with all things interesting and engrossing, time is the enemy. It stutters and stops, withholds, races, stretches— until a three-day conference feels like a monumental hill traversed on a single-speed bike, as well as a mere blip in time. The 2019 10th SAR International Conference on Artistic Research, with its 252 attendees, 31 panels, and 3 keynote speakers, was held in Zurich,...
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The Strategic Mobilisation of Incompetence

There are two fields, broadly speaking, in which I work – or to which I con
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Performing false hope: Ethical outcomes of fictitious pharmaceutical advertising as a public art intervention

Dissertation in the field of Art Education: "Performing false hope: Ethical
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Performatiiviset Jäljet. Teos ja Tallenne Esityslähtöisessä Mediataiteessa

Riikka Niemelän väitöstutkimuksen Performatiiviset jäljet. Teos ja tallenne
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