The Art of Zoom

In a text named “Writers, Intellectuals, Teachers” (1971) Roland Barthes un
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Following text interprets the affective space of Mika Taanila’s record
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Qualities of simplicity in designing interactive art

Lectio Præcursoria Picture 1. Collagerator In 2000 I finished my master of arts final work Collagerator. It was a CD-ROM multimedia work which created collages, complete with a layered sound collage and the possibility to print the collages. The users selected images for three different layers from predefined image banks, pressed the return key and saw a collage of those...
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Research Pavilion #3 - A place for multimodal essays?

The Research Pavilion, hosted by the University of the Arts Helsinki, is or
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Hörst du das Neue, Herr, dröhnen und beben?   (Master do you hear the New, droning and throbbing?)   Rilke, The Sonnets to Orpheus   To leave one’s mark on the pages of history: yes, I did it, you did something, they’re doing this and that; a special kind of presence that does not merely settle with what is being given, but might even change...
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