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Delirious equilibrium

(on artistic gesture)

It emerged from the building – whether from a hole between wall and floor, or from the latency of the wood itself can be known only to those who know how to measure such distinctions. For those standing aft, it seemed to retreat and retract its limbs, whereas those passing and casting a sidelong glance sensed a swirling, gaseous form surging through the soft October light. There was a crescendo of wings and the cull of creatures passing too close to its many moons. Some spoke of a sculpture of exploded body parts – each caressing, kicking, or consuming its neighbour – while others found its monstrous presence disarmingly “restorative”.

It is said that the human body is at once drawn to and repelled by its corrosively sensual heat. Accounts are never corroborated. For the defining feature of the monstrous gesture is to exceed all categories, to overflow all attempts at description, to render the observer dazzled, speechless and agape.


Rolf Hughes

3 November 2015