RUUKKU call: sonic art, sonic practice, and sonic thought: artistic research and music today

Sound is omnipresent and we live, think, feel, and experience in and through sound every day. Sound studies have developed mainly in the disciplines of acoustics and music. The former defines sound as mechanical waves while the latter considers it as discrete sounds organised in time. Artistic Research offers us opportunities to study sound from a different perspective. How do we live, think, feel, and experience in and through sound as artistic practitioners? What constitutes such knowledge production, and how does this search for knowledge relate to the other modes of knowledge and experience often associated with ‘music'?

RUUKKU 12 explores these questions by collecting case studies and insights related to the making of artistic event/work involving sound. Our hypothesis is that artistic practitioners invent and grasp knowledge on their way to establishing what will become new art, new practice, and new thought in sound. We are interested in finding out the extent and diversity of artistic knowledge production in and through sound. The questions may be approached in the context of environmental issues, historicity, technology, tradition, and all art or performative forms that involve sound.

The RUUKKU issue sonic art, sonic practice, sonic thought develops ideas from the symposium Encounters, Discussions, Experimentations: Art, Research, and Artistic Research in Music at the Venice Research Pavilion, hosted by the Uniarts Helsinki on 16-17 June 2017 at Sala del Camino, Venice.

We invite expositions and contributions from anyone interested in the topic for the 12thissue of RUUKKU. The editors of this issue are Mieko Kanno, Otso Lähdeoja, Päivi Järviö, Kristiina Ilmonen, and Markus Kuikka.

We ask you to write your proposals for research expositions in the RC catalogue at Note! The catalogue requires user rights and registration (see ‘register'). Please submit your proposals via the Research Catalogue (‘submit to publication', ‘submit unlimited publication to', and ‘ruukku') no later than 15th January 2019

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