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Taiteilijan uudet työt – emme kai tarkoita teoksia??

”Uusi työ on joustavaa, monimuotoista, mahdollistavaa, verkottunutta, kokeilevaa ja purskeista ja sitä tehdään monessa roolissa yhtä aikaa.” ( Heräsin käsitteisiin uusi työ ja sen purskeisuus, kun pohdin oman työni puitteissa taidealojen koulutusta ja sen kykyä vastata nykyisen työelämän tarpeisiin. Purskeisuus on kuulemma sitä, että voi...
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The Thingness of Artistic Research

Ray Langenbach Perhaps in the space allowed, a demonstration of my argument will work better than a description. Like the film of a mysterious pod depositing its seed in the oral cavity of a space-ship engineer, and its fully formed fetus later bursting forth through his stomach wall, late modernist Conceptualism inserted its seed into Academia, and then gave birth to Artistic...
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Delirious equilibrium

(on artistic gesture) It emerged from the building – whether from a hole between wall and floor, or from the latency of the wood itself can be known only to those who know how to measure such distinctions. For those standing aft, it seemed to retreat and retract its limbs, whereas those passing and casting a sidelong glance sensed a swirling, gaseous form surging through the soft...
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Maturity in Research

Tere Vadén The special social status of scientific research is usually justified by referring to the self-correcting nature of science and to the power of experience. Science does not rely on authorities, does not let any claim go without rigorous scrutiny. Scientific research is open and critical. Consequently, people doing research have to demonstrate how their work embodies these...
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Speculation on Artistic Research and Performance in The Context of Immanent Capitalism

Tero Nauha Lectio praecursoria presented at the public examination of the doctoral research  Schizoproduction: artistic research and performance in the context of immanent capitalism. Friday, January 29, 2016. Theatre Academy of the University of the Arts Helsinki.   CROSS SECTION Honoured Custos, Honoured Opponents, Ladies and Gentlemen. The written...
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