Translation as artistic strategy

15th December, Aalto ARTS, Helsinki
9th floor AV class room
9am – 6pm

Today, contemporary art practices find themselves entangled in a heterogeneous set of discourses, none of which is able to secure ground for artistic endeavours. Traditional notions of artistic media, authorship, genres and species of art do not give any definite hold either. It seems that contemporary art inhabits a transitional state marked by transmedial, transindividual, transcategorial and transnational operations and processes.

The symposium takes the notion of translation as its starting point in order to shed some light on the variegated aspects of this transitional state. The speakers consider whether and how translation makes up a key operation of sense-making, in all senses of the word "sense". Here the key point of reference is artistic research as a form of "boundary work" involving various forms of translation between art and academia.

Speakers: Mika Elo (Aalto ARTS), Johanna Hällsten (Loughborough University), Federico Ortegon (University of the Arts Helsinki), Stefan Nowotny (Goldsmiths College), Miika Luoto (University of the Arts Helsinki), Vappu Jalonen (Aalto ARTS) and Tuomo Rainio (Aalto ARTS).

Symposium language is English.