RUUKKU Taiteellisen tutkimuksen kausijulkaisu / RUUKKU Studies in Artistic Research  / RUUKKU Tidskrift för konstnärlig forskning

RUUKKU is a multidisciplinary, multilingual, peer-reviewed journal on artistic research launched in 2013. It is based on the Research Catalogue (RC), an international artistic research platform and database that enables multimedia publication. The primary languages of publication are Finnish, Swedish and English.

RUUKKU aims to be a top-class research publication and to participate in the development of artistic research that the international Journal for Artistic Research (JAR) has engaged in since 2010. RUUKKU has opted for a publication policy that includes thematic issues, supplements with new initiatives for discussions, a section containing news and topical issues, as well as presentations of unpublished research in progress. By providing the opportunity to use the Finnish language, RUUKKU promotes discussion within Finnish artistic research. Furthermore, its English-language abstracts and publication platform offer Finnish artistic researchers a way to participate in international discussions in the field.

Similar to JAR, RUUKKU will function as a portal for expositions, i.e., research articles, authored in the Research Catalogue. RUUKKU is characterised by its multimedia publication format, multidisciplinarity, use of the Finnish language in the context of international artistic research, and published peer reviews as well as the Research Catalogue's search functions and long-term archiving.

RUUKKU is an open access publication. From since 2021, RUUKKU has been listed in the Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ). 

RUUKKU displays the Federation of Finnish Learned Societies' "peer reviewed" logo alongside the peer-reviewed expositions. This symbol has been in use from issue 15 onwards.

The RC platform is maintained by the Society for Artistic Research (SAR), which was established in 2010 as a vehicle for publishing JAR (the Journal for Artistic Research) and maintaining the Research Catalogue platform. The Society has both individual and institutional members all over the world. A list of the institutions supporting the Society is available at

Further information about the Society can be found in the following documents:

Articles of Association
Minutes of the Foundation 2010

The University of the Arts is an institutional member of SAR. RUUKKU receives support from the following institutions:

  • Aalto School of Arts, Design and Architecture
  • Faculty of Art and Design at the University of Lapland
  • University of the Arts Helsinki