RUUKKU 1 - Experience and experiment in artistic research


RUUKKU is a multidisciplinary, peer-reviewed journal on artistic research launched in 2013. It is based on the Research Catalogue (RC), an international artistic research platform that enables multimedia publication. The primary languages of publication are Finnish, Swedish and English.

We invite all artistic researchers –from both academia and the field of art – to contribute and make RUUKKU an interesting, useful and evolving publication.

The pilot issue of Ruukku will focus on experience and experiment in artistic research.

Questions related to experience and experiment are intertwined and emphasised at the intersection of art and research. Most representatives of artistic research as well as practice-based, practice-led and qualitative research emphasise the subjective experience of the researcher and the importance of expressing it. Artistic research is often based on the artist's own experiences, which form a key resource for the entire research process. Experience always involves encounters with the unknown and requires risk-taking, exploration and testing. Experiences and related experiments seem to link different fields of art and research approaches. But how are experimental art, innovation and explorations articulated as research? How do experience and experiments relate to each other in art and research? How do knowledge, skills and sense relate to experience and the experimental? How to experience something original or unheard of? And when does testing the limits become experimental? 

These key themes, which we believe are of interest to many researchers, are the ones we hope that artists and researchers from different fields will help us explore by submitting research presentations, project descriptions and other illustrative, experimental or experiential expositions. RUUKKU is an opportunity worth experimentyou should not let pass!

Please compose your suggestions and drafts for research expositions in the RC catalogue ( by 1 November 2012. NB! To use the catalogue, you must sign a licence agreement and register an account with the RC (see "register"). Further information: